Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

SID-White Town

Welcome to the white town
Where money, lust and sex 
Fuck up your mind
I fell down, to the floor
In this crazy place 
I met the ugly face 
This desire always make me
Cannot pretending 
Or fighting just standing alone

Gotta get outta this place
Man it’s not what I want
All the reason to stay
Is overrated and fake

It’s too hard to survive
And too fast to realize
Come and go suck your blood
To the last ‘till you’re dead

In this land, of falling sky
In this land, once I just 
Love so much
And it’s time, will burn 
All the memories

The streets, well too hot know
Drug dealer monkey business 
And all that shit
Beware, watch your step now
You’ll never know when 
The devil stand behind your back!

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